When ‘Remedy’ needs a remedy


Remedy is an outdated ticketing system which stagnated one of our high profile partners from organizational growing. This system is a 20 years old system which is very limited in operational activities just as limited to automate and innovate business processes from being up to date. It is very time consuming to do some adjustments in this system from today. Moreover, this system requires a lot of adjustments and configurations to be fully updated as well. Related to this issue it causes a lot of operational costs because of time consuming activities.

Customer request

The voice of the customer was to replace the IT Service Mangement (ITSM) system for a new and future proof IT system. In this case, future proof means that every involved employee, business partner and supplier are being able to improve, innovate and automate the business processes continuously. They also need to be able to place incidents, issues and service request on demand.


The core result of this project was a stable and future proof IT Service Management landscape based on 80 parties more or less worldwide. The design and implementation of this landscape has brought our customer the following benefits:

  • An user friendly navigation and self-service, a mobile application and an improved dashboard with all open tickets included;
  • An up to date cloud based system which is able to strength collaborations between employees very quick;
  • And a long term cost advantage by digitalizing and automating workflows.

Our approach

As a project manager Marcelo was in charge to replace this outdated system for a new cloud based system called ServiceNow. This cloud based platform is a globally well-known top 3 ITSM product. This up to date software is also able to make some digital workflows for making productivity improvements. Marcelo was in charge to manage the team, to facilitate the negotiation process, to collect data for functional requirements and to prepare the whole new system for implementation. He has also migrated incidents, issues and configurations in existing processes just as applications, reports and other kind of helpdesk management functions.

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