When ‘Remedy’ needs a remedy

Urgency and Goal

‘Remedy’ is an outdated ticketing system that stagnated T-Mobile in her growth. The system is 20 years old and has started to limit the possibilities of the organisation to run operations, automation and innovation. The system is inefficient and many adjustments and configurations are necessary, with each adjustment taking up a lot of time. This makes managing the system time-consuming and therefore too expensive.

Customer request

The request T-Mobile made, was to replace the IT Service Mangement (ITSM) system with a new system in which employees, business partners and suppliers are be able to report, execute and resolve their operational incidents, changes and service requests. This new system must be ‘future-proof’ and must continue to stimulate and facilitate improvements, innovations and automations on the long term.

Our approach

As a project manager, Marcelo replaced the old ‘Remedy’ with a new cloud-based platform called ServiceNow. This system is a worldwide top 3 ITSM product. This up-to-date software allows T-Mobile to improve digital worksflows and productivity. Marcelo managed his team, guided the negotiations, collected functional requirements and prepared and implemented the new service system.

to make some digital workflows for making productivity improvements. Marcelo was in charge to manage the team, to facilitate the negotiation process, to collect data for functional requirements and to prepare the whole new system for implementation. He also migrated pre-existing processes, like incidents, issues and configurations, as well as various helpdesk management functions, applications and reports.


The main result of this project was a stable and future-proof IT Service Management landscape, based on the operations of over 80 parties worldwide. The design and implementation of this landscape has brought our customer the following benefits:

  • An user friendly navigation and self-service, a mobile application and an improved dashboard with all open tickets included;
  • A knowlegde-base with commonly asked questions;
  • An up to date cloud-based system that is able to set up and strengthen collaborations between employees quickly;
  • A long term cost advantage from digitizing and automating workflows.