Software implementation at Anthony Veder Travel

Urgency and goal

As a gas transportation company, Anthony Veder operates at the forefront of the transition to a more sustainable world. Additionally, Anthony Veder Travel has been active since 1957 and functions as an independent IATA travel agency within Anthony Veder. Originally established to transport the crew of the now 30 tankers owned by the shipping company. Anthony Veder Travel now offers seafarer transportation and business travel services to various shipping companies and suppliers.

The system used by the Travel Agency to handle billing and financial administration needed replacement because it was no longer supported. Additionally, there was a need for a faster system with more automation capabilities to reduce errors caused by manual data entry.

With a focus on improvement and efficiency, we collectively decided to implement a new system. This system not only had to meet our growing needs and AV’s digital strategy but also optimize operational processes and enhance user satisfaction.

Approach and our role

Project manager Kiki Nelissen guided the project from analysis to the Go-Live of the new system over a period of 14 months. By involving the project team step by step in the process of analysis, selection, and implementation, Kiki brought clarity and structure to the project. This contributed to the quality of decision-making, engagement, and also delivery of the project’s objectives.

Based on the experiences and lessons learned from this selection process and similar projects. Kiki also delivered a software selection handbook.

“Thanks to Kiki, we executed the project in a controlled manner. She kept stakeholders well connected and also navigated them through all the uncertainties of a project. Additionally, she helped us take the next step in professionalizing our processes.”

-Sifra Westendorp, Digital Lead Anthony Veder

Key deliverables

  • Functional requirements and wishes based on user stories
  • Long list and short list of potential suppliers
  • Signed contract with selected supplier
  • Trained super users and end users
  • New way of working and adoption plan
  • Implemented ERP system
  • Software selection handbook


The project result also includes a carefully selected ERP system for the travel industry. Built on Microsoft Business Central, aligned with Anthony Veder’s digital strategy. With the successful implementation of this system, the project team has digitized and automated billing and administrative processes. Thereby resulting in significant time savings for value-added activities.

Moreover, the new software ensures better coherence between mid- and back-office processes. After three weeks of use, end users give an average NPS score of 8, and thus indicating a high level of satisfaction with the new system. Consequently, these results confirm the success of the project and underscore the benefits it has brought to efficiency and user experience within Anthony Veder Travel.

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