Joy and success in the business world.

When work becomes too businesslike, it loses its human dimension. While people who feel good about themselves perform better and deliver better work. In an increasingly rapidly changing world, it is therefore important that people feel good. Bliss was founded in 2017 from the deep conviction that when fun and success come together, we can achieve sustainable results.

What does ‘Bliss’ stand for?

The question is not whether something changes, but how you deal with that change. When you are ‘bliss’ you react unstirred to your surroundings. With every customer, we strive to achieve this state within an organization: only then will changes run smoothly and we will be more effective in achieving the desired result.

Our change framework

We work with our change framework, the ‘wheel of change’. This framework originated from passion for our profession and the need for a method independent framework (our change professionals are of course familiar with all methods).

In our vision, change is people’s work and it revolves around valuable interactions within your organization. With attention to the technical aspects of change and the right mindset, the framework helps to bring projects to successful results.

Expert in change

Realizing change is our profession. So expect craftsmanship in the way we work. We get your people and organization moving. Based on our change framework, our change professionals are trained to work with a high level of consciousness. In this way, they are able to facilitate the right choices and decisions. A people-oriented approach with a focus on results.

Our change specialisms

We dare to say we are the expert in four change specialisms.

Project & program management

We don’t believe that change agents must be involved in everything. Our project managers look for the ways they can truly add value. It goes without saying that they are familiar with Prince2, Agile and IPMA.

Business improvement

We practice continuous improvement and specialize in helping you improve your business, service, processes and performance. Our business improvement managers are familiar with Lean Six Sigma, CX and tools such as Mavim and Aris.

Implementation management

A new product can’t do any good if it isn’t used. We implement services, products and software and increase their actual use.


Our change agents ensure that your entire organization experiences the benefits of Agile methodology. We are familiar with Spotify, SAFe, LeSS and other methods.

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