Industry-agnostic force

Through our large community of change professionals, we have experience across a variety of industries. Our ability to operate flexibly enables us to provide effective implementation power. We possess a broad knowledge base in technology, processes, and organisation, as well as specific expertise in change management. This enables us to be successful anywhere.

Telecommunications & IT

Within the rapidly evolving IT and telecom sectors, Bliss has facilitated over 250 projects since 2017, ranging from 5G networks and IoT products to the expansion of virtual networks through cloud-based services. Thanks to our close collaborations with leading partners, such as Odido and KPN, we consistently provide change professionals with specialised knowledge and experience in information technology. Want to know more? Get in touch with us.

Retail & eCommerce

Consumers expect seamless integration across various sales channels: physical stores, websites, apps, and social media. At various major retailers, we have turned this expectation into reality. With our expertise in Customer Experience (CX), Agile methodology, LEAN principles, and digital transformations, we are equipped with the knowledge and experience required in the evolving landscape of retail and eCommerce. Are you seeking a change specialist for this sector?

Energie & resources

Energy supply is changing: fossil fuels are being replaced by renewable sources, the relevance of decentralised power generation is increasing, and the deadline for set climate goals is approaching. Bliss is currently active at Vattenfall. What change can we help you with?

Transportation & logistics

The transportation and logistics sector is constantly changing, with AI, data, security, sustainability, and LEAN process optimisation as trends in 2024. For our partner Anthony Veder, we consistently provide change power to effectively and efficiently transport goods from A to B. Curious about their experience?

Health sciences & education

Personalised care entails profound changes, from ongoing developments in artificial intelligence (AI) and data analysis to telecare. Bliss has a broad and active portfolio of changes with GGD GHOR Nederland, LCCB, Arts en Zorg, SOS International, ArboNed, and NTS. Education also continues to evolve for suitable education for every child in the Netherlands. Our change professionals bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to help you implement your healthcare or education-related changes in a structured and successful way.”

Don’t see your industry listed? Don’t hesitate to get in touch. In addition to projects in the previously mentioned industries, Bliss has undertaken assignments in other industries. So, wherever you come from, we probably already have experience in your world. And if we don’t, we’re always ready for a new challenge. After all, change is our business!