Six areas of change we make impact with.

Team Bliss implements sustainable changes and improvements within your company. We do this across six areas of change, each with its own significance and impact on your organisation:

  1. Technology and Infrastructure
  2. Products and Services
  3. People and Organisation
  4. Business and Work Processes
  5. Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility
  6. Policy and Regulation

What challenge can we help your company with?

Technology and Infrastructure

We guide complex changes in IT, Network, and Infrastructure.

In the modern digital world, a strong technological foundation is crucial for success. Digital transformations and infrastructure adjustments provide a competitive advantage and enhance operational efficiency. We ensure that your technology and infrastructure are future-proof.

Examples of changes we have implemented include:

  • Software implementations
  • Data centre relocations
  • Upgrading of telecom networks
  • Identity & Access Management
  • Artificial Intelligence applications

Products and Services

We facilitate changes aimed at developing and renewing products and services.

Constant innovation in products and services is essential to meet the changing needs and expectations of customers. By launching new products and optimising the customer journey, we increase customer satisfaction and strengthen your market position. This ensures sustainable growth and customer loyalty.

Examples of changes we have implemented include:

  • Customer journey optimisations
  • Customer experience design
  • Customer service implementations
  • Product and proposition development
  • Rebranding initiatives

People and Organisation

We guide transitions within teams and organisations to create greater impact.

Successful organisations understand that their people are their greatest strength. By investing in autonomy, transparency, and trust, we create an environment where employees feel engaged and valued. This leads to higher productivity, innovation, and a better organisational culture. Changes such as Agile working and modern employment practices make your organisation agile and future-proof.

Examples of changes we have implemented include:

  • Reorganisations and business mergers
  • Self-managing teams
  • Agile transformations
  • Culture development

Business and Work Processes

We design and guide changes to make processes more efficient and effective.

Efficient business and work processes are the backbone of every successful organisation. By streamlining and optimising processes, we increase operational efficiency and reduce costs. This leads to improved performance, higher customer satisfaction, and a stronger competitive position. From process design and LEAN Management to ITIL implementation, we ensure sustainable improvements.

Examples of optimisations we have implemented include:

  • Customer order processing
  • Stock updating and purchasing
  • Onboarding new colleagues
  • Recruitment and selection
  • Electronic invoicing

Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility

We help increase the social value of organisations.

In a world where sustainability and social responsibility are becoming increasingly important, it is crucial for organisations to take their societal responsibilities seriously. Projects in sustainability, social entrepreneurship, and community engagement help your organisation make a positive impact on society and the environment. This not only strengthens your reputation but also contributes to long-term success.

Examples of changes we have implemented include:

  • ESRS data management system
  • CSRD tooling selection
  • ESG rating
  • Sustainable production and transport setup

Policy and Regulations

We facilitate changes and implementations of new or revised policies and regulations.

Compliance with policies and regulations is not only a legal obligation but also essential for maintaining the trust of customers and partners. Our expertise helps your organisation remain compliant with regulations such as GDPR and quality certifications like ISO. This prevents legal issues and reputational damage, providing a solid foundation for business continuity.

Examples of changes we have implemented include:

  • GDPR implementation
  • ISO certification
  • HR policy design
  • Vaccination policy
  • NL-Alert legislation