Facilitators of change to help organisations

Bliss is a growing network of facilitators of change, specialised in shaping and achieving change. We supply facilitators of change to help organisations grow and manage a wide variety of change processes, in many sectors.

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  • Patrick Vermaas

    Bliss Change Maker

    Patrick is always focused on creating added value together. This from a positive approach, a high level of professionalism, an open mind, but also with a smile and a wink.

  • Cheryl Schilder

    Bliss Change Maker

    Cheryl is a hard worker with an excellent eye for detail. She takes on challenges with unparalleled dedication. With Cheryl on your team, you get business done.

  • Rosa Groot

    Bliss Change Maker

    People-oriented and analytical. That is Rosa. She has an open attitude, is empathic and naturally interested in what moves people (or doesn’t). She finds it important to substantiate factually what is needed for real change.

  • Noah Pattiapon

    Bliss Change Maker

    Meet Noah, a goal-oriented and driven individual who aims to reach the best possible outcome. With an open and optimistic mindset, Noah builds meaningful relationships easily. These attributes enable him to get the job done with the people around him.

  • Elian Killeen

    Bliss Change Maker

    Elian likes to combine his entrepreneurial spirit, creativity and analytical skills with a sense of humor and pleasure in the workplace. His openness and genuine interest ensure that he quickly gets people involved.

  • Jeannette Vegter

    Associate Bliss Change Maker & Job Coach

    Jeannette has extensive management experience, a keen eye for the customer, great empathy and with her creativity she is particularly effective in achieving results.

  • Bas Wiedemeijer

    Bliss Change Maker

    Bas is an enthusiastic professional, practical and hardworking. His open and social personality fosters strong connections with others. He listens well, acts quickly, and adapts effortlessly to achieve goals.

  • Charlotte Stienstra

    Bliss Change Maker

    Charlotte is an intuitive project manager with experience in various sectors, from e-commerce to healthcare. Through an inexhaustible source of positive energy and boundless curiosity, she embraces challenges and inspires others to jointly create a lasting impact.

  • Pieter Gremmen

    Job Coach

    Pieter quickly exposes weaknesses in projects and programs, and translates them into improvement actions. He gets energy from helping younger colleagues in their development and growth, and from the further professionalization of Bliss.

  • Renate Haverkamp


    A power woman of the first hour. Sets everything and everyone in motion to achieve the right result. Does not shy away from the impossible as Renate only sees possibilities.

  • Emma Heijnders

    Bliss Change Maker

    Emma is an energetic connector and enjoys taking people along with her enthusiasm in the pursuit of a common goal, because change is done together. With experience in complex stakeholder management and managing diverse teams, she brings about change.

  • Billy Stuger

    Bliss Change Maker

    He learns quickly and wants to excel. Billy knows very well what he can do, and how he can make things possible that he cannot do now.

  • Leonie de Vlieger

    Bliss Coach

    Leonie really enjoys working with Bliss*ers because she gets to coach them on very diverse topics. From practical tools, like time management, to mindset, or on a deeper layer with systemic work.

  • Mascha Barelds

    Lead Matching & Branding

    Mascha is the ambitious boost you need to grow your business. She is analytical, entrepreneurial, has a natural form of leadership and works best in a creative environment.

  • Belle van Teijlingen

    Bliss Coach & Branding

    Belle has always been interested in what motivates people to change and the things that deter them from change. She builds relationships to look for new perspectives together. Belle is spirited, enthousiastic and a good listener – even to what is not being said.

  • Saira Perreijn

    Head of People Growth

    With positive energy, Saira enjoys connecting people. What makes her unique? She continuously strives for the best result while at the same time managing to keep calm in changing circumstances.

  • Gerard Boumans

    Associate Bliss Change Maker

    Gerard has extensive international management experience in constantly changing environments. He is energized by complex issues requiring critical content, working together in a team with diverse backgrounds and smiling.

  • Lisette Rietbergen


    Lisette is an entrepreneurial, positive and human focused relationship builder. She thinks along with customers to convert challenges in tangible solutions. She does this in an open and honest way, with the focus on the customer as well as the Bliss*er.

  • Mohamed Ouzakar

    Bliss Change Maker

    With his determination and a master’s degree in project management, Mohamed is driven by the passion to create lasting impact. His stress-resistance makes him a tireless go-getter who perseveres even in the most complex environments.

  • Jeroen Sleutelberg

    Associate Bliss Change Maker

    Jeroen is the bridge between business and IT. With a calm demeanor and by asking the right questions, he brings clarity to complex IT issues. Jeroen is an achiever; he ensures that things get done.

  • Henri van Dijk

    Job Coach

    Henri has an extensive project management background and conveys it with passion and enthusiasm. He is creative in devising approaches and interventions that really make a difference. Henri takes great pleasure in developing consultants.

  • Zahi van Wichen

    Bliss Change Maker

    With her enthusiasm and pragmatic way of thinking, Zahi involves those around her in a common goal. She is experienced in working in multicultural environments and is a powerful connector.  

  • Eva Neeleman

    Bliss Change Maker

    Eva keeps a cool head. She senses what is needed, can change gear quickly and knows how to bring overview and structure. She rolls up her sleeves and knows how to get others on board.

  • Cindy Ponne

    Associate Bliss Change Maker

    With her goal-oriented mindset, Cindy knows how to translate strategic targets into specific and clear actions. Her analytical skills combined with pragmatism and a touch of humor, ensure that she gets people and organizations moving.

  • Daan van Dieperbeek

    Bliss Change Maker

    Daan is a driven and ambitious young professional with a passion for sustainability and a keen eye for detail. His social nature makes him a valued colleague in any team.

  • Tanuja Balraadjsing

    Blisser Lifecycle

    Tanuja is committed to what she does and focuses on the result without being afraid to do what it takes. She will fix it. As a rock in the sea, she has her affairs in order.

  • Youri van der Plas

    Bliss Change Maker

    Youri believes in the power of growing together. Through open communication and conversations with different people, he strives for a high performance where everyone is presented on an equal footing.

  • Zamani Dabre

    Bliss Change Maker

    Zamani is a driven professional who gives her all to make sure targets are reached as effectively as possible. She enjoys working together in teams, because this offers various valuable perspectives that enable her to find a solution that is tailored to the organisation.

  • Froukje Vrielink

    Associate Bliss Change Maker

    Froukje has strong analytical skills and quickly sees through the complex playing field within an organization. With her smile and a large dose of power, she is able to give direction to major transformations.

  • Danitsja Goossens

    Head of Commerce

    Enthusiasm is her middle name. She combines substantive knowledge with creativity and has a strong sense of what a customer needs. Her starting point: What cán be done?

  • Bojay Mark

    Bliss Change Maker

    Bojay is a dedicated team player who seeks effective solutions. He values building strong relationships and can easily make a connection due to his broad interests. Bojay strives for results without losing sight of the human aspect.

  • Juliette Abbas

    Bliss Change Maker

    Juliette has a positive attitude and likes to think in terms of possibilities. Her hands-on mentality ensures that she gets things done. With a people-oriented approach and a large dose of decisiveness, she is a true change agent at heart.

  • Kiki Nelissen

    Bliss Change Maker

    Kiki is naturally investigative and has a curious and solution-oriented mindset. She knows how to translate ideas into practical possibilities and actively engages others to achieve common goals together.

  • Koen de Wolf

    Bliss Change Maker

    Koen is driven to solve problems by using social and communication skills, which he does with full enthusiasm. Working together with others, connecting the interests of stakeholders and achieving successful results is what gives him energy

  • Nathalie Grevink

    Bliss Change Maker

    Nathalie is a real teamplayer who likes to tackle challenges. She has an eye for detail and can keep the overview in a complex situation.

  • Eveline Simonse

    Bliss Change Maker

    Through her experience in coaching, motivating and communicating at different levels, Eveline is good at listening and knows how to quickly find the root of the problem; so you can work together to find the right solution.

  • Julia van Langeveld

    Bliss Change Maker

    Julia is an amalgamation of a listening ear, a critical eye and a warm smile. With her experience in multicultural teams and “hotello” mentality, she quickly adapts to her environment to join forces harmoniously and stably.

  • Tessa Bigby

    Bliss Change Maker

    Tessa is a goal-getter, has discipline and loves a challenge. She uses her analytical skills to get to the heart of any situation and identify the underlying problem, without losing perspective of the human element.

  • Amber Osinga

    Bliss Change Maker

    Amber is result-oriented, if she has something in mind, she will do everything she can to achieve this goal. Because of her open attitude she gets people on board and keeps human touch.

  • Mariëlla Dijkstra

    Bliss Coach

    In conversation with Mariëlla, you feel at ease and come to blossom. She helps you think about what you want to achieve. Deep inside and at the behest of the client. Self-aware.

  • Tessa Compas

    Associate Bliss Change Maker

    Tessa is an enthusiastic go-getter, extremely honest, transparent, detail-oriented and always goes for the best result. With her extensive international experience in complex (matrix) organizations and humor, she knows how to bring every project to a successful closure in a structured way.  

  • Danielle van Pelt

    Associate Bliss Changemaker

    A skilled organizer with a proven track record at the intersection of business and IT. Danielle takes charge and turns strategy into action. She has experience building multidisciplinary delivery teams and leading implementation projects across a wide range of industries.

  • Fanny Evers

    Bliss Coach

    Fanny is a coach who loves to get Bliss*ers moving. Each time you dive deeper into your own development. She finds it cool and an honor to contribute in this way to the personal and business growth of Team Bliss.

  • Marlijn Borst

    Bliss Change Maker

    With her empathy and genuine interest, Marlijn quickly lays a good foundation for connecting people and departments. Her enthusiasm is contagious and provides good energy during change processes.

  • Julia van Dommelen

    Bliss Change Maker

    Julia is passionate about change management and is energized by complex issues. Her proactive attitude, positivity, analytical ability and openness ensure a high level of commitment and pursuit of the desired outcome.

  • Chris Krijger

    Associate Bliss Change Maker

    Chris has a wealth of experience in leading companies and programs. He is an experienced people manager with mergers and reorganizations as his playing field. His commitment and passion inspire teams to succeed in every project.