Facilitators of Change to help organizations

Bliss is a growing network of facilitators of change, specialized in shaping and achieving change. We supply facilitators of change to help organizations grow and manage a wide variety of change processes, in many sectors.

  • Renate Haverkamp


    A power woman of the first hour. Sets everything and everyone in motion to achieve the right result. Does not shy away from the impossible as Renate only sees possibilities.

  • Ellen Gijselaar

    Head of Legal & Compliance

    Tough on the content, gentle with the person. Ellen approaches the other in an interested, open and professional way, but at the same time is keen on the content. With her empathic ability and analytical view, she quickly gets to the core

  • Astrid van Kamp

    Head of People Growth

    For Astrid, ‘to say is to do’ applies. A no-nonsense business woman. This makes her a powerful change agent who does business in her own unique way.

  • Elisabeth Verheijen

    Head of Bliss Brand & Finance

    Elisabeth knows how to convert conceptual and strategic thinking into tangible goals. With focus on the content and with attention to people, she knows how to create a committed team and achieve the right results.

  • Danitsja Goossens

    Head of Commerce

    Enthusiasm is her middle name. She combines substantive knowledge with creativity and has a strong sense of what a customer needs. Her starting point: What cán be done?

  • Tanuja Balraadjsing

    Blisser Journey

    Tanuja is committed to what she does and focuses on the result without being afraid to do what it takes. She will fix it. As a rock in the sea, she has her affairs in order.

  • Kelly Hofstede-Kruijs


    Because of her open attitude, Kelly easily connects with those around her. She is genuinely interested in the other person and always seeks the win-win.

  • Inge Steemans


    Driven by a passion for the mission of Bliss, Inge is focused on making our organisation grow. Through her past as an expat, she knows how to establish relationships swiftly and has an open attitude. Combined with a strategic mindset and sensitive character, this makes sure she always goes the extra mile to create unique collaborations between Bliss and her clients.

  • Ellen van Hennekeler

    Account Director

    Ellen is an initiator who follows a people- and client-oriented approach. She establishes and builds relationships and collaborations, and achieves results. A thinker when it comes to solving issues at a strategic level, a doer when it comes to the realisation of pratical solutions. Consistently acting with the interests of all stakeholders in mind. Sincere, straightforward and with a bit of humor along the way.

  • Rosanne Vroom

    Finance & Operations

    With her open and honest attitude Rosanne knows how to connect with the people. She often asks the question, “What is needed?”, she works decisively and is then enthusiastic and determined to make happen what’s needed.

  • Leonie de Vlieger

    Freelancer Journey

  • Kees Labee

    Operations en Commerce

    Kees supports in the daily work with enthusiasm and eagerness to learn. Going into it every day with fresh energy is what he does. As an intern at Bliss, he tries to learn as much as possible.

  • Jorn van Gaever

    Operations & Finance

    Jorn is a curious problem-solver. His strength lies in the combination of analytical skills and creativity. He thrives in getting to the bottom of any problem and comes up with sustainable solutions. Jorn is flexible and knows how to deliver under pressure, qualities that enable him to shine in his role at Bliss Headquarters.

  • Alessa Mollers


    Alessa is open and enthousiastic, while staying focused and well-organised. She is diligent and curious and is always looking for new ways to challenge herself to learn and grow.

  • Cheryl Schilder

    Bliss Consultant

    Cheryl is a hard worker with an excellent eye for detail. She takes on challenges with unparalleled dedication. With Cheryl on your team, you get business done.

  • Nikki ter Veer

    Bliss Consultant

    Nikki is the connector between strategy and operation. Through quickly switching between reason and emotion, she asks the right questions and gets people involved. As a passionate change professional, Nikki tackles every challenge with two hands.

  • Billy Stuger

    Bliss Consultant

    He learns quickly and wants to excel. Billy knows very well what he can do, and how he can make things possible that he cannot do now.

  • Karina Taldikin

    Bliss Consultant

    Karina’s middle name is positivity. She always thinks two steps ahead and, in changing situations, is concerned with how we can optimize the process and how this can be done in a pleasant and personal way.

  • Bart van der Spek

    Bliss Consultant

    Challenging the status quo at the right time and with respect is something Bart will not shy away from. He gets energy from making improvements and is naturally looking for efficiency. With his humor he realizes the change with a wink and a smile

  • Amber Osinga

    Bliss Consultant

    Amber is result-oriented, if she has something in mind, she will do everything she can to achieve this goal. Because of her open attitude she gets people on board and keeps human touch.

  • Kevin van der Jagt

    Bliss Consultant

    Kevin is an ambitious and motivated team player with a technical background in (machine) construction, process industry and ICT. His goal is to bring about progress and improvement in an organization to achieve the intended result.

  • Iris van Eck

    Bliss Consultant

    Because of her Spanish roots, Iris brings the Spanish warmth into her work. With her positive energy, she brings out the best in people and quickly turns abstract ideas into detailed action plans.

  • Patrick Vermaas

    Bliss Consultant

    Patrick is always focused on creating added value together. This from a positive approach, a high level of professionalism, an open mind, but also with a smile and a wink.

  • Grytsje de Boer

    Bliss Consultant

    Persistently cheerful, Grytsje always thinks in terms of solutions and possibilities. Her Frisian sobriety and thoroughness contribute to a solution with an outlook on the future.

  • Astrid Ton

    Associate Bliss Consultant

    With her drive, enthusiasm and ‘everything is possible until proven otherwise’ attitude, Astrid meets every change challenge. Due to her industry-wide experience, she has a large backpack of knowledge and experience.

  • Pieter Smetsers

    Bliss Consultant

    Due to his energetic attitude, Pieter knows how to involve people in the urgency and to motivate them to improve. In addition, by asking the right and critical questions, he can obtain the necessary information.

  • Mascha Barelds

    Bliss Consultant

    Mascha is the ambitious boost you need to grow your business. She is analytical, entrepreneurial, has a natural form of leadership and works best in a creative environment.

  • Elian Killeen

    Bliss Consultant

    Elian likes to combine his entrepreneurial spirit, creativity and analytical skills with a sense of humor and pleasure in the workplace. His openness and genuine interest ensure that he quickly gets people involved.

  • Femke Veen

    Bliss Consultant

    Femke takes on challenges with a smile. She likes to empower people, implement changes and achieve shared goals with enthusiasm.

  • Marlijn Borst

    Bliss Consultant

    With her empathy and genuine interest, Marlijn quickly lays a good foundation for connecting people and departments. Her enthusiasm is contagious and provides good energy during change processes.

  • Paul Wanders

    Bliss Consultant

    Change is experimenting and learning, Paul is only too happy to facilitate this process. Paul brings structure, focus and attention to people and their story together in a common and action-oriented approach.

  • Jeannette Vegter

    Associate Bliss Consultant

  • Cindy Ponne

    Associate Bliss Consultant

    With her goal-oriented mindset, Cindy knows how to translate strategic targets into specific and clear actions. Her analytical skills combined with pragmatism and a touch of humor, ensure that she gets people and organizations moving.

  • Kiki Nelissen

    Bliss Consultant

    Kiki is naturally investigative and has a curious and solution-oriented mindset. She knows how to translate ideas into practical possibilities and actively engages others to achieve common goals together.

  • Remy Bosman

    Bliss Consultant

    Remy approaches every new adventure with an open mind. Driven by positive energy and trust, he looks for creative solutions to the issues that can often be found below the surface.

  • Cors van Zomeren

    Bliss Consultant

    Through effective listening, Cors manages to connect different individuals and groups. His analytical and observant skills enable him to distinguish between the essential and the ancillary. Cors is focused and never loses sight of the project’s goals.

  • Zamani Dabre

    Bliss Consultant

    Zamani is a driven professional who gives her all to make sure targets are reached as effectively as possible. She enjoys working together in teams, because this offers various valuable perspectives that enable her to find a solution that is tailored to the organisation.

  • Martijn Kruizenga

    Bliss Consultant

    Martijn is persistent, driven and focused. He uses his analytical skills to swiftly reach the desired results, without losing sight of all variables. Furthermore, he is flexible and can easily adapt to the, potentially changing, expectations of his environment.

  • Tessa Bigby

    Bliss Consultant

    Tessa is a goal-getter, has discipline and loves a challenge. She uses her analytical skills to get to the heart of any situation and identify the underlying problem, without losing perspective of the human element.

  • Belle van Teijlingen

    Bliss Consultant

    Belle has always been interested in what motivates people to change and the things that deter them from change. She builds relationships to look for new perspectives together. Belle is spirited, enthousiastic and a good listener – even to what is not being said.

  • Melissa Eilander

    Bliss Consultant

  • Jacqueline Splinter

    Bliss Consultant

    With her enthousiasm and determination, Jacqueline knows how to inspire and motivate others. She is curious, has a critical outlook and establishes connections easily, allowing her to find a solution to every problem. In addition, she is sensitive and has an eye for the needs and motivations of the people around her.

  • François Mahé

    Bliss Consultant

    Improving processes while helping people develop themselves? This is what François is passionate about. With curiosity, structure and an international background, he knows how to bring out the best in a team.

  • Kenize Öz

    Bliss Consultant

    Kenize is ambitious and has a hands-on mentality. Her bi-cultural background enables her to shift effortlessly between different environments. She is decisive, curious and always looking for new knowlegde and challenges.

  • Noah Pattiapon

    Bliss Consultant

    Noah is goal-oriented and driven to reach the best possible outcome. He has an open and optimistic mindset, that enables him to easily build relationships with the people around him. His analytical approach helps him to structure projects and keep them clear. Noah has a fresh outlook and a curious mind, resulting in interesting new insights.

  • Mick Korte

    Bliss Consultant

    Mick takes on every challenge with ambition and determination. He delivers results through sharp analyses and a well-considered approach. Helping teams improve and reach their goals, gives him a a lot of energy. All this while keeping the human aspect in mind.

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