The launch of Odido Business

Urgency and goal

In 2019, T-Mobile and Tele2 joined forces, allowing them to provide internet solutions to their customers in addition to mobile services. The acquisition of T-Mobile NL by Warburg Pincus and Apax in 2021 marked a significant step in accelerating their growth ambitions. They invested in fiber optics infrastructure in collaboration with Open Dutch Fiber, earned the title of T-Mobile Top Employer, and established a partnership with Team NL. To prepare for the next phase and shake up the market with new offerings and fresh ideas, the idea of introducing a new brand, Odido, was born. Odido would be a customer-centric provider and a truly Dutch company.

The goal was to introduce Odido with a “big bang” on September 5, 2023. To minimize the risk of leaks, only a small group of employees were aware of and involved in the realization of this change. The challenge was: “How do you ensure that the employees in the Customer Operations B2B department are well-prepared to do their work without prior knowledge of the introduction of the new brand?” The objective was to have a fully prepared B2B COPS organization (employees, processes, and communication) for the Go Live of Odido on September 5.

Approach and our role

The B2B Customer Operations (COPS) department consists of approximately 200 in-house and 200 outsourced employees. Bliss freelancer Mariëlle de Wit played the role of project coordinator in shaping the implementation of Odido within B2B COPS.

“At first, only the management team (MT) in B2B COPS was aware of the change. We exchanged information in our weekly MT meetings to assess the impact on the department. As more details became clear, there was a need for more structure. We discussed progress on important department deliverables in a weekly project meeting:

  1. Inventory, adaptation, and securing of all individual customer communications (such as email templates, contracts, SMS messages, and telephone welcome scripts). Goal: Ensure that we communicate with customers exclusively from Odido starting on September 5.
  2. Implementation of new propositions for business customers (setting up processes and workarounds as needed and training employees).
  3. Preparation for Launch day: Informing all B2B (team) managers and outsource partners and organizing employee meetings.
  4. Aftercare: Planning for post-launch support in the days following the launch.

We defined actions for these focus areas and tackled them in smaller teams.” – Mariëlle de Wit

“Thanks to Mariëlle’s dedication, this massive project was able to proceed in the background within B2B COPS without disrupting its daily operations. The calm and structure that Marielle brought ensured a seamless implementation.”

– Herman Vink | Interim Director Customer Operations B2B

What was your biggest lesson?

“How essential it is to maintain focus throughout the entire journey. This was achieved by making choices and communicating them effectively. Short communication lines were crucial to the project’s success.” – Mariëlle de Wit

Key deliverables

  • Adjustment of one-on-one business customer communication
  • Implementation of new propositions (processes and systems)
  • Training and education of employees for the rebranding
  • Aftercare planning


The rebranding process led to a successful implementation of the Odido brand within the Customer Operations department and the creation of brand ambassadors for the new brand.