Introduction of a ‘single sign on’ software at T-Mobile

Urgency and goal

Tele2 and T-Mobile merged in 2017. Customers could still log in through separate applications and systems. Service tickets and information arrived in different systems that were not linked. As a result, employees had to have different screens open to serve customers properly.

The goal of this project was to simplify the identification process by enabling automatic authentication, so T-Mobile and Tele2 customers could log in to different applications using the same login credentials.

The solution and our role

Bodé led the project to implement the single sign on (SSO) solution to enable technical identity management on different portals for both fixed and mobile customers. First, he ensured that the Identity Access Management (IAM) solutions for TMNL and Home were merged. Next, Bodé acted as a bridge between upper management during the vendor selection phase and the complexity of 8 direct and 36 indirect agile teams during the integration phase of the SSO portal.

“I appreciate the structured way in which Bodé managed to divide the scope of the project plan. Bodé is dedicated and tenacious to deliver the agreed scope within the given time frame and budget.”


Key deliverables

Bodé and his team provided the following deliverables:

  • Request for proposal and vendor selection
  • Description of the authentication process
  • SSO implementation
  • Technical onboarding of the solution
  • Training and instructions for the line organization


T-Mobile customers and migrated Tele2 customers can now login to their accounts on different systems and view all their products and customer data from all relevant back-end applications. The simplified system landscape has made it easier for customer service and sales staff to view customer profiles and reduced technical maintenance.