Implementation of road transport for organ teams

Urgency and goal

The outcome of a tender procedure “road transport organs” of a foundation working on behalf of the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport led in December 2021 to a new situation of the service of transporting organ removal teams. Consequently, new transporters had to set up transport properly to enable the logistical process of organ donation. The aim of the project was to set up the new transport according to tender and phase out the services of the departing parties.

The solution and our role

Marlijn Borst was project leader of this implementation project. Together with a project team, she implemented the new carriers for organ teams within 2.5 months. Marlijn was in close contact with the carriers during the project, which was all about managing expectations from the customer’s perspective and to align processes. In addition, meetings were held with a Key-user group of the transport to ensure that the perceived service experiences were maintained.

After implementation, the project entered the next phase, in which the file was transferred to the management. Thereafter, by the end of March, the project was fully incorporated into the line organization.

“The Bliss’ project manager was the indispensable link between users, carriers and the NTS. Relationship management and executing the agreements as per tender were equally important.”

– Brigitte schaefer – manager of policy and organ center

Key deliverables

  • Agreements with carriers
  • Work instructions and manuals for drivers
  • Engagement and support from all stakeholders through fixed frequency newsletters in combination with expertise meetings
  • Carrier fleet set up and old fleet dismantled
  • Set up redesigned folder structure for management organization


The new carriers carried out correctly all transport-related processes, both during and after transition time. After 3 months, the road transport users’ experience was rated with an average of 4.6 out of 5.

Indication of complexity

  • Role complexity: medior
  • Steering group level: management
  • Lead time: 3 – 9 months