Customer driven improvement process at KPN

Urgency and goal

In the fast-growing business market, KPN wants to make its way of working more customer-oriented and smarter. With the reorganization in May 2022, a new way of working has been introduced to work department-wide in squads, assigned to strategic themes. This required extra capacity to realize this change.

The approach and our role

In her role as change consultant and CX process designer, Grytsje has taken a leading role in the implementation and further development of working in a squad at KPN. She did this for the strategic theme UC/Voice & CPAAS (Communication Platforms as a Service) with various expertises from other departments.

On the one hand, Grytsje worked in the day-to-day business as a CX process designer. Involving external stakeholders more actively (such as suppliers, customers and partners) and keeping shorter lines of communication with internal stakeholders (such as IT and Marketing) played an important role. On the other hand, Grytsje used her knowledge as a change consultant to move the squad from purely operational to more strategic. A challenging role in which humour, a “can do” mentality and guts were decisive for progress and desired results.

“Grytsje is an enthusiastic CX Designer with a positive attitude, who is always ready to help and inspire others. Her ability to connect people and collaborate makes her a valuable asset to any team.”


Main deliverables

  • Introduction of structural “Customer insight” sessions with squad participants and internal stakeholders with direct contact to customers and partners in the direct and/or indirect channel;
  • Working method of the squad from purely operational to more strategically developed (including 6 quarterly planning as a living document);
  • Set up the squad governance;
  • Pilot set up to implement the Kickbox innovation method on the business cases of expected projects within squad UC/Voice & CPAAS.


The UC/Voice & CPAAS squad is a well-functioning team that can work smarter and faster. The further development is an ongoing process, the basis of which has now been laid well. The employees have moved from purely operational work to an increasingly customer- and future-oriented work. Through iterative changes…

  • improved communication between departments;
  • expectation management for phase transfer made concrete in the project method;
  • governance set up with a greater eye for the future, and its customers and partners in direct and indirect channels.

Indication of complexity

  • Role: CX Process Designer
  • Role complexity: Medior
  • Directory level: Operational
  • Lead time: 15 months

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