Process insight of BKR at Rabobank

Urgency and goal

The BKR (Credit Registration Office) keeps track of who has loans and credits. If you have a loan or credit, your lender is legally obliged to report this to the BKR. When you apply for a loan, lenders (such as banks) are legally required to check if you are listed with the BKR. This helps them assess whether you can afford the loan. The Operations & Chain Support department at Rabobank needed more capacity to handle the current developments and growth of projects within the Rabobank.

The approach and our role

Bliss’er Billy Stuger started working at Rabobank as a process manager. “I worked within the Data Quality & Projects and BKR departments as a focus area. Throughout the year, I ran various projects for them. I also supported bank-wide initiatives such as the Complaint Tool implementation, Future Fit, and CRA implementation.” The team works Agile/Scrum, and Billy had a delivery moment every 2 weeks.

“Billy’s strength lies in allowing things to flow. He is flexible and adapts to the situation, and thanks to his humor, he can also put things into perspective well.”

Wendy Otten | Team Lead Process Management Rabobank

Key deliverables

  • Mapped and outlined BKR processes for implementation in Aris
  • BKR annual plan 2024
  • Complaint Tool implementation OKS
  • Foundation BKR process and methodology card
  • Various data quality projects
  • Training and education of employees for rebranding
  • Aftercare planning


Mapping the BKR processes has revealed various improvements that have been included in the 2024 annual plan. As a result, Process Management and BKR now have a roadmap to implement improvements over the coming year to save FTEs and increase quality.