The Implementation of ESG Rating at Odido

Urgency and goal

In the ever-changing world of business, sustainability is more than just a trend for Odido – it is a core value. With a clear eye on the future and the growing importance of corporate responsibility, Odido has adopted the EcoVadis ESG rating. This rating assesses companies on their sustainability efforts, including their impact on people and the environment. With a bronze ESG medal already in hand, Odido has set an ambitious goal: to achieve a higher rating by 2025. This pursuit reflects not only their commitment to sustainability but also their determination to deliver measurable results in this area.

Approach and our role

To achieve this forward-looking goal, a structured plan was developed. The project required collaboration, insight, and innovation, focusing on appointing leads for the four sustainability pillars identified by EcoVadis:

  1. Sustainability (climate, circularity, etc.)
  2. Ethics (ethical oversight)
  3. Labor & human rights (good governance)
  4. Sustainable procurement (responsibility in the supply chain)

In this project, the role of Bliss freelancer Wouter Boven as implementation manager and sustainability expert was crucial. He was appointed to support the main responsibilities of each pillar, working closely with them to understand the current status, define desired goals, and develop a clear action plan.


  1. Coordinating actions to provide topic owners with insight into the construction of the rating for their pillar and formulating concrete improvement actions (organizing workshop sessions, conducting assessments/gap analyses on the current rating).
  2. Establishing a new governance structure with clear roles and responsibilities within the ESG rating improvement project.
  3. Monitoring progress.
  4. Supporting topic owners when additional knowledge or capacity was needed for specific questions. Guiding the assessment process.


Every journey towards sustainability has its hurdles. For Odido, this meant adapting existing work processes and embracing a new mindset. Converting sustainability from an abstract concept into concrete, enthusiastic action was one of the biggest challenges. Wouter succeeded in achieving this by making sustainability tangible and applicable for everyone within the organization.


Thanks to this collective effort, Odido has achieved the silver medal, a significant milestone confirming their progress and dedication to sustainability. More importantly, the leads of the four pillars within Odido are now independently capable of taking the final steps towards the gold medal.