Support in coordinating the Covid-19 control efforts at LCCB

Urgency and goal

In the midst of the turmoil of the COVID-19 pandemic, the National Coordination COVID-19 Control (LCCB) was established. Their mission? To efficiently coordinate various activities related to this pandemic. Bliss*er Zamani played a crucial role as Program Secretary within the ‘business operations’ directorate of the LCCB.

Approach and our role

In her role as Program Secretary, Zamani worked closely with the director of business operations and participated in various programs within the LCCB. Her responsibilities included not only supporting the director of business operations (schedule management, organizing team events, chairing and minute-taking) but also supporting the HR and procurement teams, as well as ensuring documentation for the Parliamentary Inquiry COVID-19. In addition to these operational tasks, Zamani took a leading role in risk management, identifying, documenting, and proposing mitigating measures for risks within the organization.

If you think she has enough on her plate by now, then you don’t know our Zamani yet. She also took on various sub-projects, including guiding the discharge process. In this sub-project, she coordinated the transition from operations to GGD GHOR NL. Additionally, she played a key role in the accountability project by preparing various files, with two of them under her supervision as the lead author.

“Zamani is a quiet force who meticulously carries out her duties. She is aware of her surroundings and knows what is going on. She brings structure and, with her friendly attitude, achieves a lot. Besides being intelligent, independent, and analytical, it is simply pleasant to work with her.”

Catelijn Katz, Director of Business Operations LCCB


Zamani’s thorough approach to risk management resulted in detailed documentation of all risks and their associated control measures. The transition, including discharge on the components, was successfully completed by July 1, 2023.