Simplifying business structure: from 13 to 5 private companies

Urgency and goal

After the acquisition of a competitor, one of our partners expanded its legal structure to a 13 holdings company. As a consequence, the organisational structure became unnecessarily complex and expansive. Additionally, the acquisition also entailed a spectrum acquisition (via ascription). As a result, many different variables concerning property rights had to be taken into account. The goal? Simplifying the business structure, from 14 to 5 private companies.

Every company is uniquely organized and has different arrangements with stakeholders, employees, customers and suppliers. Legal changes need to be implemented in contracts, invoices, partnerships, taxes and licenses. One of our freelance program managers was assigned the challenge to simplify the organizational structure and utilize the opportunities that a new structure presents.

To create lasting change, the following question was framed: ‘’How can we achieve a simplified organisational structure with the least amount of disruptions for customers, suppliers, employees and partners?’’

Our approach

One of our program managers has completed this program within 1 year through merging, rather than dissolving, several companies. She applied the PRINCE2 method to ensure that stakeholders, customers, employees and partners were continuously and proactively involved in the decision-making process. Similarly, using PRINCE2 made sure that all effects on the operational, financial, technical, and HR level were aligned.


A simplified legal structure, consisting of 5 rather than 13 companies, has been realized within a one-year timeframe. The following tangible results have been delivered:

  • A changed service with commercial counteroffer;
  • A new financial structure with updated customer contracts;
  • A merged HR structure with a boarding process included for employees who change department;
  • A merged operational structure of which employees, customers, partners and suppliers have been informed;
  • And a merged technical structure with retention of employee-access to all the concerned applications in use.

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