More transparancy for customers and employees with a dashboard and app

Context of the project

Hutchison Ports ECT Rotterdam is the biggest transshipment company in Europe related to containers. When sea containers arrived they have to be transported or stored by large trucks. With complicated and dynamic planning’s in mind it is necessary that truck drivers can anticipate and communicate with each other quickly. The main goal for this very project is to implement a digital and data driven solution. That digital resource can be used to realize more efficiency and a higher employee satisfaction.

Our approach

As a product owner and agile coach our Bliss consultant Joop has facilitated the ECT team for designing this digital solution. In the first place Joop has set up a multi skilled Scrum team for creating more transparency to customers. Thereafter in corporation with this team and stakeholders as well Joop has set up a widely supported road map for the coming three years. Moreover with the DevOps way of work in mind Joop has taken the initiative for this implementation aligned with the CI/CD department. The multi skilled scrum team with Joop as well has interviewed several end users to get a deep insight for making the best digital choices. During this progress Joop has facilitated the scrum team for making priorities on the backlog, realizing sprint goals and being continuously involved with diverse stakeholders.

Joop is relation driven and has the skills for making decisions very quick. He get people on the same page and make visions with them. Joop is also skilled to fully use talents and get the most out of every single team member.

Key Deliverables

  • Analytics and interviews of end users;
  • A widely supported road map;
  • A backlog and sprint planning;
  • A good division of tasks;
  • A routine for making reviews and tests for the app and the internal dashboard.


With a good corporation the multi skilled scrum team realized a first service to production and management within just 4 months. The user frequency has been growth with 500% and so on the high level goal has been reached. Five months later the second service was live and related to that the bottlenecks on tactical and operational level became insightful. That kind of bottlenecks are maybe a causality for the turnaround time and the customer satisfaction as well.

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