Communication in the Agile transformation at the Belastingdienst

Urgency and goal

The expectations and questions from politicians, citizens and businesses are constantly changing and at a rapid pace and make high demands on the Tax and Customs Administration. One of the goals of the Tax and Customs Administration’s long-term vision is to respond more quickly and more flexibly to the expectations from society and politics. In order to realize these ambitions, the IV production improvement process has been set up. The purpose of this process is to ensure that the tax authorities can operate more efficiently and effectively. This is done using the SABel reference model; Safe Agile Tax and Customs Administration.

The approach and our role

As a Change Manager, with the focus on communication, Belle was responsible for enthusing, informing and involving the 5,000 employees involved in the Agile transformation. She did this by setting up, developing and executing a communication strategy around the implementation of the initiatives of the agile transformation team.

“Belle has been able to give a huge boost to Agile Awareness within a large, complex environment such as the Tax and Customs Administration. The communication was aimed at all levels within the organization and ensured a broadly supported agile mindset. contributes greatly to the current success in the transformation to Agile working in IT production.”

Ronald Duerinck, Agile Transformation Manager at the Belastingdienst

Main deliverables

  • Communication strategy and plan
  • Agile Festival for 440 participants
  • Departments for the different Agile Business roles
  • Physical communication expressions such as banners, posters, placemats and first aid bags (First Aid for Agile)
  • Online content such as a landing page, periodic newsletters, various articles and a video format ‘On the floor’; produced 5 videos for this


Employees are more involved in the Agile transformation. Are informed about the transformation and have a more positive attitude about the why, how, what transformation. A foundation has been laid for communication through an integrated communication strategy and the establishment of communication teams in various chains.

Indication of complexity

  • Role: Projectmanager Communication
  • Role complexity: Medior
  • Directory level: Operational
  • Lead time: 10 months