Optimization of the TEK Scheme at RVO

Urgency and goal

Urgency and Objective In late 2022, an urgent task landed on the Customer Insight team, leading to the decision to form a crisis team. This crisis team, SVT Rijn, was assigned two projects that needed completion in the first quarter of 2023.

The first project involved creating an initial setup for the new Energy Cost Compensation (TEK) scheme, requiring customer research to optimize the information provision about the scheme. The second project was an elaborated scenario for the Shutdown Strategy, aiming to develop an insight tool for the customer.

The approach and our role

As a Kanban Master, Noah Pattiapon provided support over a period of 4 months, facilitating project execution, conducting (work) sessions, ensuring the adoption of Agile practices, and enhancing team cohesion. In this Agile approach, Noah collaborated within a multidisciplinary team, including a customer journey manager, service designer, customer researcher, and data analyst.

“Noah has demonstrated great adaptability and a strong desire to learn. In a rush assignment, he quickly embraced his new role and soon showcased his value as a Kanban Master, both in the assignment and in improving the Kanban Master role. A true team player and a pleasant colleague to work with.”


Key deliverables

  • First functional offboarding template
  • First onboarding day
  • Evaluation + advice on establishing the crisis team
  • Topics overview for the week start
  • Customer journey flow for the insight tool


For the Energy Cost Compensation project, Noah contributed to optimizing the information about TEK and the application form for the scheme. This resulted in a more organized, customer-friendly website, making it easier for customers to complete the application form.