We accelerate your growth, you accelerate ours

Whether you’ve been around for a while or are just starting out, anyone who loves to shape or make a change is welcome at Bliss. As one of our change agents, you will develop an impressive portfolio of knowledge, education and skills and become part of a close professional network. And because we care explicitly about you as an individual, you stay in charge of your own career.

Personal professional growth

At Bliss, you learn to set your own course through training, mentoring and practical experience. Together, we identify where your strengths and points for improvement lie and help you make decisions more easily. With every assignment, you grow as a professional and as a human being.

Engineer of your own existence

Bliss believes that people’s performance will be at its best when they can be themselves and are open to growth. That’s why we want you to build your own career. Our Bliss practices help contribute to this. Your personal development is key. At Bliss, you engineer your own existence.

Become part of a community

At Bliss, you build long-term relationships with each other and within our network. We share our joy as a close community, through good times and bad. Going out for drinks, lunches and karaoke nights are part of that, but so are serious conversations about work and what makes us happy in life.

Freedom to do your job

At Bliss, you engineer your own existence. That means you are free to determine your own path to change. After all, you need to be doing what makes you happy to be an effective change agent. Based on our assessment, we will find you work that is a seamless match for your knowledge, experience and capabilities. This is how we bring out the best in everyone.

Focus on growth

Every other Friday, we come together to have a Growth Day. On these days, our focus is on growth, either based on a personal development need or on more general hard and soft skills. You also receive monthly coaching sessions that help you delve deeper into personal issues, to reflect and to explore any blind spots or limiting beliefs. During an average of four hours a month, you work with a Bliss*er to accelerate your own inner growth and that of your skills.

Are you a

Every Bliss*er is unique, but we have the same Bliss DNA. All of us want to become the best version of ourselves.

Do the check!

Do you recognize yourself in the following? If so, we would love to discuss your wishes and dreams with you.

Want to become part of our change network?

Bliss manages change processes for many wonderful clients, and we are always looking for skilled people to join us.

Bliss Change Agents

As a Bliss Change Agent, you are employed by Bliss to work on change projects for clients. Because we believe that you engineer yur own existence, we will focus on your growth and development.

Bliss Associates

Are you considering freelancing, but does that feel like a big step? Or are you already working as a freelancer, but looking for a closer connection? A Bliss Associate agreement combines the benefits of freelancing and being part of a team.

Bliss Freelancers

Are you a freelancer looking for different, interesting and challenging change management projects? Bliss offers you opportunities to work with great clients and a strong professional network to support you.

Do you want to commit to Bliss?

We’re happy to hear it. If you have any questions, please call or email Tanuja. You can apply in whatever way suits you best, by letter or video for example.

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