Simplifying business structure: it’s not that easy!

Project context

After an acquisition of a competitor, one of our partners expanded its legal structure to a 13 holdings company. The causality was a creation of an unnecessary and expensive organizational structure. Moreover, the acquisition also entailed a spectrum acquisition (via ascription). In result, the company had to be focused on all kinds of property rights aspects which made the whole operational execution very complex and time consuming. 

Customer Question

Every single holding within the whole of 13 works on its own way and has its own agreements with stakeholders, employees, customers and suppliers. In the legal field, all the issue changes use to be made by contracts, invoices, partnerships, taxes and licenses. One of our project managers has been gotten the opportunity to simplify this whole corporate structure. The voice of the customer was as followed: ‘’How can we achieve a simplified organizational structure with respect for the least possible consequences for customers, suppliers, employees and partners?’’.  

Our approach

One of our Bliss project managers has completed this project successfully in a period of one year with the mean goal not to scrap any holdings, but to merge them. By applying the PRINCE2 method, she facilitated stakeholders, customers, employees and partners to make the right considerations and decisions for this main goal continuously. The operational, financial, technical and HR consequences were all aligned in this change.


After a year a simplified legal structure, consisting just 5 holdings instead of 13, has been realized. The concrete results are as follows:

  • A changed service with commercial counteroffer;
  • A new financial structure with updated customer contracts;
  • A merged HR structure with a boarding process included, just for employees who go to an another department;
  • A merged operational structure where employees, customers, partners and suppliers have been informed;
  • And a merged technical structure with retention of employees who can have access to all the concerned applications in which work need to be done.

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