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Customer question

Blokker is working on a new strategy where agility and multi cross corporation will be emphasized. The stores and just as the different internal departments must work together and need to make a significant impact. The main goal is to make internal business processes more efficient just as streamlining the order process. The customer service department has set up the most important goal: ‘’How can we improve the deliveries and return requests of garden articles to maximize the customer service?’’.  

Our Approach

Bliss was involved to improve the customer experience for deliveries and return requests of garden articles (so that customer service remains available). For making a significant impact and positive results to our customer in a very short time, Bliss has performed a Design Sprint at Blokker. This Sprint has been facilitated by experienced moderators called Rogier and Lize. The Design Sprint is robust for taking initiatives and executing process improvements.

Wat is a Design Sprint?

A Design Sprint was conceived by IDEO in collaboration with Stanford University. Google Ventures has developed the methodology into a robust improvement process. This open source method enables teams and organizations to solve complex problems in 5 intensive working days.

Advantages Design Sprint

  • Improving cooperation between different departments
  • We bring discipline to achieve team results
  • In addition to being a facilitator, we are also a substantive sparring partner
  • We can implement insights from the design sprint in the form of a short-term project


Thanks to the insights from the design sprint, Blokker was able to quickly implement a number of solutions to improve its customer experience. Six months after the design sprint, Blokker experiences a significant decrease in the number of questions to customer service. In addition, the processing time of the delivery process has been improved by, for example, making technical improvements and logistical agreements with PostNL. As a result, they see more satisfied customers than before.

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