Digitization of the legal coverage assessment at DAS Rechtsbijstand

Urgency and goal

A legal conflict can happen to anyone. For example, due to a labor dispute or damage due to a collision. The moment you have a dispute and you cannot resolve it yourself, you can call in legal assistance insurance of DAS. In order to provide the best possible service to customers who call for a dispute, lawyers from an insurance company need, in addition to up-to-date personal data, policy details and associated policy conditions. 

The reason for this project was that customers who called, received general advice and were referred to the website to report the matter. Subsequently, internal lawyers had to collect data from distribution partners by telephone, which meant that a lot of internal capacity was required and customers were not helped quickly enough. The method for retrieving customer data therefore had to be digitized so that employees of the legal service center can access the correct data at the touch of a button. The main goal of this project was to significantly reduce the lead time of customer reports.


The chosen solution direction for this project was to realize an automatic delivery of customer and policy data from more than 100 cooperating distribution partners. With the digitization of the working method, lawyers do not have to call distribution partners to request data for every customer report.

The result of this change is that the customer can get a coverage assessment right on the phone, rather than afterwards. Due to this efficiency measure, the first time right score is 51%, which means that since the implementation of the policy database, the report can be handled immediately in half of the cases. The legal department can now deal with more clients per day, because the number of manual steps per case has been significantly reduced.

“Mascha is able to quickly gain an overview and structure in a complex playing field. Driven to achieve results, Mascha pays a lot of attention to the right composition of the team and manages stakeholders in an excellent manner. intervenes at the right time to make adjustments where necessary.Mascha has made an important contribution to the digitization of part of the work of the lawyers at DAS.”

– Nicoline van Rhijn | Directeur Juridisch Service Center 

Main deliverables

  • A working (policy) database linked to the internal customer service system
  • Automatic data delivery from cooperating insurers
  • Process description for data management
  • Roles and responsibilities assigned

Our role and approach

Bliss*er, Mascha Barelds, has fulfilled the role of project leader to guide the team. Filling this database required cooperation between different departments and specialists (such as legal assistance, IT, data specialists, sales and account management). Mascha fulfilled the role of determining the scope, coordinating the team to achieve the milestones, achieving the go-lives and making adjustments when necessary.

The project was handed over to the management of the department on September 1, 2022. For this handover, Mascha has provided job profiles and work processes. A team has been put together on this basis. 70% of all data was in the policy database after delivery. The other data is further delivered by the operational team in addition to the management of the current data.

Indication of complexity

  • Role complexity: medior
  • Steering group level: director
  • Lead time in months: 13