Implementing a futureproof BI landscape: crucial for a data-driven future


Bliss supports a large part of the digital transformation of one of its Telecom partners. The goal of this transformation was to make technology as user-friendly and effective as possible in the daily work of its employees. One of the transformation initiatives that we have realized is to make the business intelligence (BI) landscape future-proof in order to make the organization work more data-driven.

Customer Question

An organization-wide use was made of a BI reporting tool that offered too few qualitative possibilities to make crucial, data-driven business decisions. Much of the tool was customized with dated, poorly documented codes written over the years. This resulted in time-consuming adjustments to the reports that only specific employees knew about. This BI environment also made it difficult to become GDPR compliant. The customer question related to this challenge was as follows: how can we move towards a BI environment that stimulates data-driven decisions within all departments of the organization?


  • A new contract with a BI systeem supplier;
  • Migration to a futureproof BI landscape realized;
  • Delivery of the project in one year instead of two years originally agreed;
  • The new BI tool is GDPR compliant;
  • The tool is user-friendly, adaptable, data storage is simplified and more reliable due to an update of linked systems;
  • All main departments are now able to use the tool and make adjustments.

Our approach

Our implementation manager had gathered the needs of all departments and management. Based on an impact analysis, she decided to choose a new BI supplier (TESS) in addition to a new CRM system (Salesforce). In the implementation phase of the new BI landscape, she ensured that the new data tool is GDPR compliant and that all involved departments, such as B2B, B2C, Sales and Finance, are able to control the tool.

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